The first-ever high school Hackathon at George Mason HS.

Ever wanted to build the next big thing? At the innaugural season of MasonHacks, George Mason High School's student hackathon, you might just be able to do so.

The event will run from 9AM to 8PM on May 19th, 2018.

There will be no cost for participants. We thank our incredibly generous sponsors (listed on the right) for their support of this event!

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Participants must be current High School students.

Teams of up to five may participate. Individual participation is also allowed.


Any code project (not in violation of the rules) is acceptable. There is no required theme for this event, although prizes will be awarded for projects fitting specific categories.

How to enter

Please sign up above beforehand. If you've already signed up on Eventbrite, you'll need to sign up here instead.


MasonHacks Volunteers

MasonHacks Volunteers

Judging Criteria

  • All-Around Best
  • All-Around Best (Second Place)
  • All-Around Best (Third Place)
  • Best Educational Project
    In the spirit of George Mason, we'll be giving out an award for the best educational hack.